Okay, I have neglected this blog for too long. I have actually been reading quite a bit, but haven't done any reviews. Stay tuned for several reviews. Recent reads include Ted Dekker and Tim Downs.


Review of The Associate by John Grisham

First of all, thanks to my husband for the Valentine's gift. He feeds my passion (obsession?) for reading. Now for the review.

I have been reading Grisham's books since The Firm. His writing usually sucks you in immediately into the story. The literary term is "in media res". In the middle of action. The Associate is no different.

Grisham begins with Kyle McAvoy an up and coming law student who quickly finds himself in over his head in secrets and blackmail. The reader gets a feel for how Kyle thinks and maybe what he'll do next. His college "buddies" and some fellow law associates are woven throughout as well. They're rather one dimensional, but that's the point. The focus is on Kyle and his story.

In the midst of Kyle's crises, however, the reader catches a glimpse of Baxter, one of Kyle's college "buddies". He's a drunk, an alcoholic who hits rock bottom and ends up under the watchful care of Brother Manny, a former gang banger turned pastor/counselor. Why mention them? Well, here's why. Grisham, a believer and a Sunday School (former, not sure if he still is) teacher describes the redemptive nature of Christ. He also paints a picture of confession and forgiveness.

At the end, as is typical of Grisham, some things are not resolved or revealed. The reader is given some closure, though.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.


I Love to Read!

I absolutely love to read. I was the nerd in college who actually enjoyed English Literature classes (you know, the ones that everybody has to take). I even liked my Systems of Grammar class. Did I tell you that I graduated with a degree in English?

Books are my hobby. So, I have decided to blog about what I'm reading (or have read, or want to read). I will try to include a number of in depth reviews along the way as well.

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